Pollinator Gardens & How To Create Them

These steps are crucial if you are to have that dream garden and keep it looking fresh throughout the year. With environmental pollution and elimination on natural forests and woods, there are many insects like bees and butterflies that are losing their natural environments or homes. Scientists predict that if these insects are unable to pollinate there will be serious consequences for the planet. Therefore many property owners are now taking the initiative to create spaces that help these insects to thrive and get on with their pollination process.

So if you are planning on using a landscaper to design your terrace, you can get them involved in creating these insect friendly plots as well. However creating such as space is not limited to having some plants that attract the bees and the butterflies, it actually involves much more. There has to be a conscious effort on part of the designer and the land owner to create an environment that helps these insects to thrive such as providing them food, and shelter. The gardens that you create just like any terrace has to be maintained, which means you need to properly design is and incorporate practices that are environmentally friendly such as limiting the use of pesticides. You as the property owner also have to learn a bit about the local pollinators and their habits. You cannot expect the designer to do all the work as you will be living there and sharing the space with these insects. If you are looking for an expert landscaper you can visit this page in such information.

When it comes to landscaping Randwick and manmade terraces there are little or no room for insects to nest. For example bees and some other insects need hollow spaces or room that allows them to build nests. Some insects need areas with very little plant life and some need good levels of sunlight. So in such situations you need to crease nesting sites for these insects such as incorporating logs or mane made nesting spaces for them. Butterflies need appropriate leaf matter to propagate so these factors need to be considered in designing your terrace or backyard. Another aspect to consider the type of plants you would incorporate. Pollinators need different types of plants so it is important to have them in your garden.

When designing the plot it is also important to maintain it year round so that the insects have vegetation to go to when the climate changes. Water is the other important thing so you need to incorporate a pond, a bird bath and he likes in your designed terrace and obviously keep it refreshed. The last and most important is pest control. Since you may have to use some chemicals to remove unwanted pests and weeds, it is important to use the least problematic version you can get your hands on. Using natural remedies to get rid of pests is also a good idea. So with all these taken in to consideration, you can make sure you have a beautiful terrace that supports natural life too.

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