Understand The Difference Between Traditional Shutters And Plantation Shutters

There are number of ways to cover the windows around the house and these include the curtains and blinds traditionally but another addition to this is the shutters. These are also used for protecting the windows and providing the shield against the sun rays and heat. Even in shutters there are types. One is the traditional shutters and the other is plantation shutters. Many homeowners chose either one of these based on their choice and taste as well as the style and interior of their house.

Traditional shutters:

Traditional shutters are also known as the colonial shutters and these were introduced by the states of New England as the means of providing the insulation for the windows. These were then popular among the country side homes and the homes with more traditional décor style.

Plantation shutters:

Plantation shutters in camberwell are more popular among plantation house. These were used outdoors instead of traditional indoor shutters. Although now these are used in the homes all around the globe plantation houses or not because these are considered as a modern approach to the traditional shutter. These shutters could be opened and could provide light and fresh air on a good day. based on the time of the day you could close and open these to get the desired outcomes.


The shutters whether these are traditional or plantation shutters both have slats also known as the louvers to adjust them for the light and the air. Although the louvers of plantation shutters are relatively larger than the traditional ones because plantation shutters are designed to provide a more expansive view. The shape of these are also different for different designs. Some come in the flat shapes whereas others are in elliptical. Although the elliptical louvers provide greater strength. In traditional shutters, the panels are configured in variety of ways. A double tier panel of traditional shutter coms in top and bottom panels which can be opened and closed independent of each other.

Material choice in plantation shutters:

The common kind of materials used in the manufacturing of the plantation shutter is the wood. The wood plantation shutters are available in number of colours but the most popular manufactured colour is the white. Although the customers could also ask the manufacturer to customize it with the stains and paints of their desire and if not then you could buy the plain planation shutter and could apply the staining and painting by yourself. The sizes could also be customized and the predefined sizes for the normal sizes of the windows are also available. It depends on the choice of the homeowner whether he wants to install the shutters inside or outside and both types of the shutters traditional and plantation are used for both indoors and outdoors. However, it is recommended to install these inside the house because it provides neater look and it is fit properly. For more details plz visit here http://www.silverblinds.com.au/

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