Why Marble Benchtops Are A Great Choice

You would often find people asking on different places that which benchtops are going to be the best for their bathroom and kitchen. It can be confusing to decide that which material to go for, and indeed when choosing the benchtop material you always have to be careful and evaluate certain things. When choosing kitchen benchtops, you must take into account how the kitchen benchtops are slammed often. We would bring grocery bags and slam them on the kitchen benchtops, and if you go for a material that is not durable, then it will most likely crack from all those slams. On the other hand, bathroom benchtops can also be tricky to decide due to the moisture and hardwood is certainly out of the equation in bathrooms.

There are different choices for you such as granite for benchtops. Granite is indeed a great choice and it is popular as well. It is much cheaper than its competition marble, but is it best in terms of quality? The answer is no. The title of high-quality only goes to marble alone, and this is one of the reason why it is still so preferred in Australia. So, why go for marble benchtops from Regal Stonemason? Let’s see.


Some people claim that marble and granite look alike. And although you might not be able to tell that big of a difference from afar, but marble naturally looks more elegant than granite. Moreover, if you want to feel a more prominent difference among the two then you should even try comparing them both by touching. Marble can have an entirely different feel to it and its elegance is unrivalled. Due to how elegant it looks alone is the reason why it has been so popular since decades now. That is why marble certainly leads granite in terms of sheer appeal.


Although granite is more durable people often say, but the difference is not really big. If there is something that could break marble, then it would most likely bream granite as well, that is how minor the difference really is. The durability of marble should not be underestimated. In fact, its elegance is not the only reason why it is a popular material for benchtops, but its high durability is also a factor that makes it stay at the top.

House Value

When you talk about in terms of profit, granite is not really going to increase the value of your house that much. However, people would be willing to pay you more if you have marble benchtops installed. Marble can automatically increase the value of a house, so if you are planning to perhaps sale your home then marble benchtops are the better option.

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